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Oops!  Helping children learn accidentally.

This book is about engaging learners in great learning. It`s about the dance that happens behind positive engagement the cool moves and steps a teacher needs to choreograph in order to create a context where great learning can happen and about the importance of relationships in engagement and how rapport can be learned.  The book also shines a spotlight on the role of the teacher and how he or she can do the right things to get the absolute best from students.

book.jpgSome of the best learning takes place when, rather than imposing on young people a pre-determined curriculum, you find the stimulus that is relevant and engaging for them and build from there. Then the curriculum starts to emerge in a way that simply hooks students into learning almost despite themselves. There is nothing for them to push against (What`s the point?! This is boring..! ) as they have helped shape the direction of the lesson in a way that makes it real and useful to them.

All this without them even realising what is going on! They have been lured into learning and the process is shared with teachers in this book, with examples as to how it can be done and how the author has done it.

Reading this book will support teachers in developing ideas that motivate everybody in the classroom, from infants to secondary and beyond. Whether you`re new to teaching or have vast experience you will find in this book inspiration to raise achievement, improve behaviour and enhance creativity in the classroom and you will change the way you approach lesson planning forever.

Oops!  Helping children learn accidentally is available now from Amazon (Kindle edition also available) and other retailers.

Bad Hat Harry and Imagineering!: Making the curriculum your own.

 In schools across the world teachers are expected to deliver lifeless curricula, often dreamt up by policy makers, to the children in their care. But a teacher can be a miracle worker, breathing life and joy into a child's time in school.

413qYYDwFuL._SX408_BO1204203200_.jpgThe curriculum can be a liberating vehicle for teachers and learners with a little imagineering. Schools can become places where awe and wonder are welcome once again. This is a book about seeing the curriculum as a collection of daily experiences, an academically charged thought explosion that will give teachers and leaders much to reflect upon, as well as off-the-page resources and ideas that can  be applied straight away. Covering moral purpose, engagement, motivation, hooks and lures into learning, Mantle of the Expert,  productive pedagogies and much more, Bad Hat Harry and  Imagineering! aims to humanise the curriculum and equip teachers with ideas for compelling and truly engaging lessons.



Bad Hat Harry and Imagineering!: Making the curriculum your own is available for pre order now from Amazon and other retailers.

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