Creative Educational Consultancy.

Teaching and Training

Hywel believes in credibility, integrity and believability. Bottom line: he practices what he preaches! So whether it’s presenting to Head teachers at conference or teaching Y10 on a wet Wednesday afternoon, he will do so with enthusiasm, humour and with a realistic grasp of what is current in education.

Here are some examples of areas Hywel works in. Please get in touch and have a conversation to see if he can help you.

  • Mantle of the Expert
  • Behaviour, Engagement and Ofsted
  • Using the Curriculum to Trap Kids into Learning
  • Embedding a Coaching Culture
  • Drama for Learning
  • A4L
  • Creative Classrooms
  • Building and Maintaining Positive Relationships
  • TA Development
  • Cover Supervisor Training
  • Mentor Training
  • Creative Partnership
  • Creativity with Control: Holding on whilst Letting Go
  • Emerging Pedagogies
  • AST Development
  • NQT Development
  • Creative Consultation

Hywel is also available for conference workshops and keynote speeches. Go to to book Hywel for your event or contact him directly through this site.

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